BRASSE Indoor Element BBQ demo


BRASSE Indoor Element BBQ Demo from BRASSE on Vimeo.

BRASSE Element BBQ demo. Steak. Yes.

0:03 — Intro of the Brasse Indoor Element BBQ grill.
0:12 — Brasse Indoor Element BBQ placed on the Stove
0:19 — Preheating the Brasse indoor Element BBQ.
0:23 — Preparing the ingredients, and marinating the steak.
0:33 — Place the steak on the grill.
0:40 — Steak is getting BBQ’d.
0:52 — Adjusting the grill to set the heat level.
0:57 — Easy removal of grill for serving.
1:02 — Placing the finished steak on the plate.
1:08 — BBQ’d steak, salad, and potatoes. Ready to be served.