Product Profile | Timbre by Tyler Pratt Design


Big Sound in a Small Package

Timbre was created out of Tyler Pratt’s desire to amplify his iPhone’s sound without the hassle of batteries or cables. The Timbre uses its internal structure to boost the iPhone’s speaker up to 20 decibels more through passive amplification.

To top things off, it is light and small enough to carry around in your pocket or throw into your backpack. Its dimensions measure at approximately 9cm x 6cm x 4cm. It is locally crafted using black walnut and comes in two finishes.


Moving Away from Convention

Tyler put a lot of thought into the Timbre’s miniature/minimal design and referenced a lot of existing passive amplifiers. Moving away from convention, Tyler created the Timbre to look more like an actual speaker—taking inspiration from the vintage radios of the older days—as opposed to a horn. A lot of time was spent experimenting with and shaping the inner cavity of the Timbre to offer a significant increase in volume without sacrificing sound quality.

About Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt is an Industrial Design Student from Carleton University. He focuses on creating simple and clean designs that are also functional, combining aesthetics with practicality. When he isn’t busy crafting new works, you can find him riding his mountain bikes across Canada. He is a successful sponsored athlete and has participated in multiple biking events including the Ontario Cup.


Perpetually creative, Tyler has a few products currently in development and has been working with a few clients on contract as well. The 2 personal projects he currently has on the go (and are likely to be up on ideacious shortly) are a money clip made entirely out of plywood (pictured above) and a set of shelves that can be arranged on your wall as a sculpture.