FAQ’s for buyers

1. How do I know what the quality of the product will be?

Service providers are hand-selected by a product’s creator, so with everyone’s reputation on the line it is in every party’s best interest to create the highest quality product.

On top of that, ideacious checks on the products and the manufacturers throughout the development process. If we see something off, we’ll to do our best to fix it.

2. What happens when a product taking preorders doesn’t hit its critical mass?

If the minimum order of units predetermined by the manufacturer and ideacious has not been achieved, the product will not go in to production.

3. What if I change my mind about buying a product that I have committed to a preorder for?

If you’ve put $5 down to save your position on a preorder, you can transfer your full $5 to another product. If you back out completely and don’t want to transfer your money, you will be charged a $1 processing fee and get $4 back.

4. Why do I have to pay $1 if I change my mind about placing a preorder?

The $1 covers our costs for making these kinds of changes. The charge is also meant as a deterrent, albeit a small one, to keep people serious about making preorders.

5. Why are the preorder percentage-of-offerings different for each product?

Creators decide how much they want to share with their early adopters as well as how much they want to share in different sales categories. For example, a creator may offer 20% of future retail revenue, but 30% of a buyout scenario. Furthermore, the earliest of early buyers will receive a higher position, and so their preorder will be worth slightly more than someone with a lower position on the same product. Check the product’s detail page to see what your preorder can earn you.

6. Can I preorder all the positions available so the production can start right away?

Hells ya. If you see a product as a potential moneymaker and want to buy up all the preorders, contact us directly and we’ll set it up so you’re not stuck with 100 units of that product being shipped to your front door – unless of course that’s what you want.

7. How do I know I’ll get the percent of sales that I was promised as an early buyer?

Even though you’re buying the product from the creator, ideacious keeps track of every micro-payment and distributes the funds. And we publish how many units are sold of each product, on and off our site, so you can see for yourself. As far as security goes, our proprietary software is backed up, then backed up again, and then backed up once more just to be safe.

8. How long do I have to wait to get my product?

Each product on ideacious requires a different quantity of sales to hit its critical mass and will take more or less time to get to that number depending on its audience. Additionally, each product will have its own production schedule with some processes taking longer than others. Our forecasting software does its best to give an accurate estimate, which you can find on the product’s detail page.

9. Can I return my product if I’m not satisfied?

If your product is not what you had hoped, contact the creator via ideacious and provide a clear explanation of what you think is underwhelming about the product. We’ll highly recommend a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all creators, but cannot force them to provide such a service to their customers. To see a creator’s return policy, check out the product’s detail page before you buy.

10. Can I act as a sales rep for ideacious products?

Absolutely. If you would like to promote only the products you’ve invested in, it’s as simple as telling all your friends about your latest purchase or walking into your local retailer and telling them to get on board. Your preorder earns you your commission for all sales.

Or, if you work as a professional sales rep and want to represent products you have not personally invested in, please contact ideacious directly.


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