Product Profile | Timbre by Tyler Pratt Design


Big Sound in a Small Package

Timbre was created out of Tyler Pratt’s desire to amplify his iPhone’s sound without the hassle of batteries or cables. The Timbre uses its internal structure to boost the iPhone’s speaker up to 20 decibels more through passive amplification.

To top things off, it is light and small enough to carry around in your pocket or throw into your backpack. Its dimensions measure at approximately 9cm x 6cm x 4cm. It is locally crafted using black walnut and comes in two finishes.


Moving Away from Convention

Tyler put a lot of thought into the Timbre’s miniature/minimal design and referenced a lot of existing passive amplifiers. Moving away from convention, Tyler created the Timbre to look more like an actual speaker—taking inspiration from the vintage radios of the older days—as opposed to a horn. A lot of time was spent experimenting with and shaping the inner cavity of the Timbre to offer a significant increase in volume without sacrificing sound quality.

About Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt is an Industrial Design Student from Carleton University. He focuses on creating simple and clean designs that are also functional, combining aesthetics with practicality. When he isn’t busy crafting new works, you can find him riding his mountain bikes across Canada. He is a successful sponsored athlete and has participated in multiple biking events including the Ontario Cup.


Perpetually creative, Tyler has a few products currently in development and has been working with a few clients on contract as well. The 2 personal projects he currently has on the go (and are likely to be up on ideacious shortly) are a money clip made entirely out of plywood (pictured above) and a set of shelves that can be arranged on your wall as a sculpture.


Product Profile | XXXY Sugar Maple Table by Storyboard Furniture

Table For Tree
“Holmes on Homes”. “Bar Rescue”. “Pimp My Ride”. There’s always something fascinating about remodeling “junk” into something more appealing and useful. Storyboard Furniture’s XXXY Sugar Maple Table (new to ideacious!) is a perfect example, using “damaged” Toronto trees to sculpt furniture that’s primed to give cribs everywhere a sumptuous and naturalistic vibe!

The XXXY Sugar Maple came to be after Storyboard Furniture received a slab from the Cohen and Master Tree and Shrub Service. Not much information was provided about the property it came from but that it came from a neighborhood near the shop.


Typically, the raw material is sourced from felled trees donated by Toronto homeowners and/or arborists. The trees are brought to the appropriate mills and cut precisely and dried. The wood is then moved into Storyboard Furniture’s kiln where they are dried further and subsequently designed, flattened, sanded and finished with the utmost care. The criteria throughout the process is to try to imbue the character of the tree into the design of each table.

To this end, specific flitches are selected that best symbolize the tree’s character. City trees purportedly have “battle scars” or damage from exposure to various elements of the city.

 “Each tree does have its own story, and we aim to let them speak for themselves. We try to present them in a way that’s as unfiltered as possible. When you see a monolithic slab table you understand the presence of that tree in a way that’s not possible if you glue some sticks together. Our base designs are intended to respond to the shape, size, and various features of a particular slab in a way that facilitates a conversation between the piece of wood and the viewer. They are like shoes for a runway model,” Dennis Hale of Storyboard Furniture explains.

Toronto Trees under Threat
Toronto trees are often damaged and/or removed for several reasons. A city that is constantly growing requires more land to be developed, resulting in trees being cut or removed. That’s not all, however – changing seasons, harsh weather conditions and occasional accidents also factor in.

“Some tree species such as Ash and Elm trees are also at risk due to insects and diseases,” Dennis adds.

Toronto is home to over 10 million trees. About 4 million of these are publicly-owned including over 600,000 street trees located in the public sectors of the cities. About 3.5 million trees are located in parks, ravines and other natural areas (according to the official City of Toronto website).

About Storyboard Furniture
Storyboard Furniture is a small company composed of artists, Dennis and Mike. Their main goal is to salvage wood from local discarded trees, which are meaningful to people, to create beautiful art and furniture.


They became acquainted with ideacious through our participation in the Apple Wood Salvage Initiative. We created several Apple Wood products which contributed to the fundraising effort that saved the apple orchard.

Product Profile | InCOG Biketool by Joshua Brassé

Introducing the InCOG Bike Multitool. Designed by Joshua Brassé & the ideacious Team, the InCOG Multitool is the manifestation of the obvious – keep your bike tools on your bike. And where better to keep the emergency drivers, patch kit, and the like, other than hidden in the handlebar itself.

The InCOG Bike Multitool is designed to fit the majority of handlebars. Its innovative design flexes through the inside of your handlebar to accommodate nearly every shape. The minimum inside dimension of your bar must be 19mm for this InCOG Multitool to stay in place properly. The MAXIMUM inside dimension is 24mm.

The InCOG Multitool embraces both definitions of the term “out-of-sight”. On one hand the discrete placement of your InCOG Multitool contained within your handlebar keeps thieves and meddlers off your gear. On the other, the exposed end-cap of your InCOG Multitool is designed with street-stylish finishing, and has a tamper-resistant friction lock & custom key design that looks great too.

Each component that comes with your InCOG Multitool has been selected to fit the majority of hardware your bike is likely to have. If needed, any of the tools can easily be replaced at your local hardware store so that your multitool is perfectly in tune with the needs of your ride.

The InCOG Multitool is now available for preorder on ideacious. Just $5 secures your position in the preorder queue and earns you a commission on future sales!

Event | Lil’G Boomboxtastic Custom Show

Its been terribly long since our last blog update, but we’re back and are happy to announce an exciting online event coming up this June! Hosted in conjunction with the event will showcase custom Lil’G Boomboxes by a number of artists. Stay tuned for more details and perhaps a sneak peek into some of these awesome, customized Lil’Gs!
When: Saturday, 13th June, 2012
Where: Online only –

Update | 1_STN Screen Printer by Joshua Brassé

The first production run for the 1_STN Screen Printer by ideacious founder and CEO Joshua Brassé was completed last week! The first orders have shipped, and we’ve also been able to shoot an instructional video on how to use the 1_STN, which really highlights how easy to use and handy this product is.

Some more photographs…

Discussion | The Rise of the Info-Object

Unless you live under a rock (or have absolutely no interest in the subject), most of you will have realized that infographics have grown into a popular & powerful communication tool over the past few years. There are even websites dedicated solely to the art of infographics – my personal favorite being Information is Beautiful (also a book by David Mcandless).

It is no wonder then, that information rich graphics would bleed over into the world of physical objects. Some objects take a more literal approach (graphic treatment on surfaces) while others render functional, 3 dimensional applications rich with information. We propose that both these fall under the umbrella of Info-Objects. We have a couple of great examples of Info-Objects within the current ideacious product offering, with still more coming through the pipelines.

First up is the “I Kinda Like It Here” coaster series by the National Design Collective. Using laser cut birch plywood, these coasters offer intricate details of the planning of some of the urban metropolises in Canada & the US.

The second example comes in the form of a coat rack / shelf designed by Devin Schaffner, the Elev10. While also celebrating geographic identities, the Elev10 takes a slightly different approach to theNDC’s coasters in that it draws on the location of the Canadian provincial capitals to offer a very functional application – placing your articles according to elevation.

The third (and final) example offers a whole other take on the Info-Object that pays tribute to the background of an object and applies it in a fun & interesting way – the History Screws by Joshua Brassé. Each History Screw gives you its name, date of invention, standard sizes – and a place to hang your coat!

This is, after all, part of our Discussion series of blog posts – let us know your thoughts on the rise of Info-Objects and any other examples you think fit the criteria.

Event Wrap-up | CO_LAB Session | TO DO Edition

A special thanks to everyone who showed up and contributed to the collaborative product development session we held on Saturday! We had a great time hosting and will definitely be doing more of these sessions in the future!

Expect a follow-up post with some of our favourite picks that came out of the session!