IIDEX Woodshop Winners Spotlight | Kevin Armour

The IIDEX Woodshop Exhibition opens this Thursday, and now that we’ve covered the featured designers that were solicited for the initiative, we’re going to turn the spotlight on the 5 competition winners who will be joining their ranks at IIDEX. This week: Kevin Armour for Truss.

Kevin Armour is an award winning Canadian Industrial Designer currently working at Healthcare Human Factors, developing medical device interfaces and wearable monitoring devices. Kevin has experience working as a design consultant, developing products for a range of industries, from automotive accessories to home and garden.

We caught up with Kevin this week, and here’s what they had to say about about his competition submission, the IIDEX Woodshop initiative, and furniture design:

ideacious: As a city and IIDEX supported initiative to use a portion of the 200,000+ ash trees being destroyed over the next 5 years, IIDEX Woodshop has a strong narrative going for it. How did this inspire you when designing your piece?

Kevin Armour: What inspired me most about this initiative is the way in which the community has come together to transform and claim this material that may have otherwise been discarded. Transforming the raw material into such unique and dynamic prototypes and saving this beautiful natural resource from a grizzly demise is always a strong motivator for me. As a designer living in one of the largest urban landscapes in Canada it’s very important to create products with a strong environmental initiative – using as many locally produced materials as possible is definitely a draw.

It’s great to see so many creative minds come together and take the exact same material and “bend” it in all sorts of directions. The hope is that this project will inspire designers across Canada to continue striving to save future materials from visiting those landfills.

Many designers opt to work with aesthetically rich woods like Walnut or Maple. What are your thoughts on using Ash as your primary material? Is it a challenge, does it change your process, or do you disagree and think Ash is amazing?

I do not have much experience working with wood, so coming into this project with semi-virgin hands I had no preconceptions about Ash, my only real knowledge was that the majority of axe handles use it, because of its resistance to splitting – which sparked my idea.Instead of focusing on the aesthetic properties of the material I focused on how people have been manipulating it. I discovered that Ash is a prime wood commonly used for bending. And despite the fact that I had no experience bending before I thought this would be a great way to experiment with this theory and push the limits on how far I could push the material.

What qualities in other designers’ work often catch your attention or make you really think the designer is on to something?

Exploration and curiosity – it is obvious when someone is doing something new and interesting, it doesn’t need to make sense or be traditionally beautiful to catch my eye. For example Marcel Wanders Snotty Vase really caught my eye because it’s fun, and is desirable to me mainly because of its story. 

Another great example of out of the box thinking and arousing experimentation is in Studio Hausen’s Textile Moulded Chair. Reading through this product’s particular development process and watching the experimentation roll out is really exciting to me.

And finally, what’s something that you’re really into right now?

Well… thanks to this project – wood working and furniture is something I’m really excited about these days. This is my first personally realized piece of furniture; but I don’t think it will be my last.

This post concludes our series of spotlights on the IIDEX Woodshop participants. We’re all very excited to see the pieces at IIDEX 2013 this week, and hope to see at least a few of you there!


Product Profile | InCOG Biketool by Joshua Brassé

Introducing the InCOG Bike Multitool. Designed by Joshua Brassé & the ideacious Team, the InCOG Multitool is the manifestation of the obvious – keep your bike tools on your bike. And where better to keep the emergency drivers, patch kit, and the like, other than hidden in the handlebar itself.

The InCOG Bike Multitool is designed to fit the majority of handlebars. Its innovative design flexes through the inside of your handlebar to accommodate nearly every shape. The minimum inside dimension of your bar must be 19mm for this InCOG Multitool to stay in place properly. The MAXIMUM inside dimension is 24mm.

The InCOG Multitool embraces both definitions of the term “out-of-sight”. On one hand the discrete placement of your InCOG Multitool contained within your handlebar keeps thieves and meddlers off your gear. On the other, the exposed end-cap of your InCOG Multitool is designed with street-stylish finishing, and has a tamper-resistant friction lock & custom key design that looks great too.

Each component that comes with your InCOG Multitool has been selected to fit the majority of hardware your bike is likely to have. If needed, any of the tools can easily be replaced at your local hardware store so that your multitool is perfectly in tune with the needs of your ride.

The InCOG Multitool is now available for preorder on ideacious. Just $5 secures your position in the preorder queue and earns you a commission on future sales!

Event | Lil’G Boomboxtastic Custom Show

Its been terribly long since our last blog update, but we’re back and are happy to announce an exciting online event coming up this June! Hosted in conjunction with SPANKYSTOKES.com the event will showcase custom Lil’G Boomboxes by a number of artists. Stay tuned for more details and perhaps a sneak peek into some of these awesome, customized Lil’Gs!
When: Saturday, 13th June, 2012
Where: Online only – www.spankystokes.com

Designer Profile | Lisa Tse

Founder of Toronto-based workshop Recraft, Lisa Tse is a graduate of Ryerson School of Fashion. She combines her love for old world techniques and new technology. She has a strong passion for craftmanship.

She takes inspiration from textiles, stationery, and the elements. Her green roots run deep – raised to conserve and reuse everything. It sparked a lifetime of loving fabric and rescuing scraps like abandoned pets.

Recraft is a workshop that specializes in upcycling fabric scraps – turning waste into worth by collecting scraps of fabric from local agencies and garment makers.

Recraft practices sustainable thinking—upcycling, repurposing and local engagement. To this end, they only use reclaimed materials in their craft—discarded fabrics and trims that would have otherwise been sent to landfills. All card stock and envelopes are made from recycled paper, and the packaging is both reusable & recyclable.

Recraft Postcards are now available through ideacious, with just $20 snagging you a set of 5!

Update | 1_STN Screen Printer by Joshua Brassé

The first production run for the 1_STN Screen Printer by ideacious founder and CEO Joshua Brassé was completed last week! The first orders have shipped, and we’ve also been able to shoot an instructional video on how to use the 1_STN, which really highlights how easy to use and handy this product is.

Some more photographs…

Product Profile | Recraft Postcards by Lisa Tse

The latest addition to the ideacious product line-up, Recraft Postcards by Lisa Tse for Recraft Gifts are a reminder that there remains some very novel and sentimental gems to share with your love ones.

Made from salvaged raw denim bonded to recycled card stock, with messages finely laser cut through all layers – sure to capture your recipient’s attention.

The edges are carefully sewn together, so your card set (and your message) will last forever.

Know that all Recraft cards are assembled by hand, in the old world tailoring tradition—ensuring that each one is as unique as the person receiving it. Order your pack of 5 postcards now on ideacious.

FREEform Competition | Tier 1 Results!

We had some great ideas come in for Tier 1 of the $20,000 FREEform Competition. In an effort to respect IP, we offered the option for entrants to keep their submissions private – so please excuse the lack of images/details on the winning entries.

Early Submissions:

  • M Addy (Practice Pad) – 4 Cities Coasters by the National Design Collective
  • Wen Hsia Chang (Teapot) – Foreword by Said the King
  • Faraz Soleymani (Kettle Jacket) – Jet Set coat hooks by Rob Southcott
  • Maya Cochrane (Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers) – Magpins by Ogami Design

As an additional treat for those who put in the effort to get in early submissions, we threw in Penny Hockey Sets for all the entrants!

Final Results:

  • Erwin Nevado (Storage Door) – $500
  • Harry Wei (Qin Qin Kissing Rings) – Free Tier 2 Submission
  • Ligia Carabet (Infinity Bag Kit) – Free Tier 2 Submission
  • Iana Kozak (Rolling Stone) – Free Tier 2 Submission
  • Pedro Joao Albino Novo (Golden Box) – $25 ideacious Gift Card
  • Wen Hsia Chang (Teapot) – $25 ideacious Gift Card