Product Profile | InCOG Biketool by Joshua Brassé

Introducing the InCOG Bike Multitool. Designed by Joshua Brassé & the ideacious Team, the InCOG Multitool is the manifestation of the obvious – keep your bike tools on your bike. And where better to keep the emergency drivers, patch kit, and the like, other than hidden in the handlebar itself.

The InCOG Bike Multitool is designed to fit the majority of handlebars. Its innovative design flexes through the inside of your handlebar to accommodate nearly every shape. The minimum inside dimension of your bar must be 19mm for this InCOG Multitool to stay in place properly. The MAXIMUM inside dimension is 24mm.

The InCOG Multitool embraces both definitions of the term “out-of-sight”. On one hand the discrete placement of your InCOG Multitool contained within your handlebar keeps thieves and meddlers off your gear. On the other, the exposed end-cap of your InCOG Multitool is designed with street-stylish finishing, and has a tamper-resistant friction lock & custom key design that looks great too.

Each component that comes with your InCOG Multitool has been selected to fit the majority of hardware your bike is likely to have. If needed, any of the tools can easily be replaced at your local hardware store so that your multitool is perfectly in tune with the needs of your ride.

The InCOG Multitool is now available for preorder on ideacious. Just $5 secures your position in the preorder queue and earns you a commission on future sales!


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