Update | Slim by Human Republic

This blog post will document the product-to-market process for the Slim money clip by Human Republic. We will be updating it real-time with each significant step in the process to getting the Slim out to those of you who ordered one (or more!).


September 4th, 2012 – Production schedule details (UPDATE)

We have completed shipping out all pending orders for the Slim money clip as of August 20th, 2012. Feel free to contact us if you feel your package may have been lost in the mail or delayed for any reason.

When will my Slim money clip ship?
First off, if you were one of the first 100 early buyers who preordered the Slim money clip, your orders were shipped on Wednesday, March 22nd. Additionally, orders for the Polished edition made prior to June 18th, were shipped by Thursday, May 24th.

For all others orders the shipping schedules are estimated as follows:

  • BATCH 1 | Order Number: 1000000121 thru 1000000250 – Shipped Apr 3rd, 2012
  • BATCH 2 | Order Number: 1000000251 thru 1000000600 – Shipped Apr 9th, 2012
  • BATCH 3 | Order Number: 1000000601 thru 1000001000 – Shipped Apr 16th, 2012
  • BATCH 4 | Order Number: 1000001001 thru 1000001400 – Shipped Apr 23rd, 2012
  • BATCH 5 | Order Number: 1000001401 thru 1000001710 – Shipped Apr 30th, 2012
  • BATCH 6 | Order Number: 1000001710 thru 1000002090 – Shipped May 15th, 2012
  • BATCH 7 | Order Number: 1000002090 and up – Shipped August 20th, 2012
How on earth do I find out my “Order Number”?
All you have to do is pull up the Paypal e-mail invoice you received when you placed your order. The Order Number is the last 10 digits of your Invoice ID (pictured below):


April 10th, 2012 – Polished edition pics!

Took particularly long getting the Polished edition of the Slim done right – but they’re finally ready to go! Tried to take snaps from a couple of different angles/settings (always such a challenge photographing glossy surfaces). Keep scrolling for the current production schedule.


March 22nd, 2012 – General update

Here’s an update for you guys:

We received the first shipment of Slim money clips yesterday, as expected. Happy to say we’ve shipped the first 100 orders.

Our policy is to maintain strict Quality Assurance standards, and we’re shipping out orders only once they meet the necessary criteria. We’re also continuing to work with our manufacturer’s to ensure a consistent result, and hope to maintain the current estimated production schedule as closely as possible – we will update the schedule shortly to reflect the need for a couple of days’ buffer to account for any further discrepancies.

As always, if there is any issue with the time requirements, just let us know and we’ll take care of it immediately for you.

Thanks again for your patience and support!


March 19th, 2012 – Packaging

We just got in the full packaging run for the Slim, figured it would be unfair of us not to share some photographs!


March 14th, 2012 – New production samples!

We’ve had a few requests for images of the latest production samples & a close-up of the logo – enjoy!


February 29th, 2012 – Estimated production schedule

Slim has already proven to be a huge success in that we’ve received an overwhelming amount of support and orders, and with that unpredictable surge, we’re pushing our manufacturers hard to keep up with demand. We also typically book time in to prepare our manufacturing network of an upcoming production run, but because Slim’s success avalanched in – literally over night – our manufacturer’s and packaging suppliers didn’t have a comfortable amount of time to prepare the proper scheduling, and ordering in of the raw materials. It’s a little behind the ideal amount of time to get Slim produced, but once again, we’d rather not compromise, and hope you agree.

We are currently looking to have the first 400 orders of the Slim ship out during the week of March 5th. The rate of production is approximated to be 400/week. Keep an eye on this space for more specific dates and a full schedule for those of you who ordered the Slim and would like to know when your order will be shipping.

We’d hate to hear that you’ve chosen to cancel your order because of the time required for production, but if you’d like us to reverse the transaction, we’ll do it for you in a heartbeat! We do hope that you’ll keep your order and continue to support this item and it’s designers too.

We’d like to extend a particularly big thanks to those of you who ordered the Slim and have been waiting patiently to be some of the first people ever to get yours hands on this great little accessory!

February 28th, 2012 – Production samples in!

Some of you may remember how the Slim money clip from Toronto-based studio Human Republic exploded onto the market a few weeks ago. Well, its been hectic couple of weeks ensuring that things go smoothly at the manufacturing end of things, and here are some of the fruits of our labor – the latest production samples!

The Slim money clip, made from stainless spring steel, is being offered with 2 finish options – polished (middle) and brushed (left & right). The brushed edition saw a little more love from the buyers than the polished one, so getting that done right was obviously our first order of business.

Those of you familiar with the product-to-market process understand that things are never as straight-forward as one might hope for. Minor technical difficulties pertaining to material thicknesses, spring tension, flared edges & etching tolerances had to be overcome to get the product to a level that was acceptable to the guys over at Human Republic, as well as us at ideacious!

As one of our first truly successful product launches, the Slim money clip had to be perfect before we could start shipping them out – and perfect they shall be!


81 thoughts on “Update | Slim by Human Republic

  1. Is it possible to get a close-up shot of the actual logo-engraving?
    The prototype pictures (modelled?) didn’t show a hint of “darkening” so I was assuming the logo was engraved but was very subtle – and not visibly contrasting to the surface

    • I will post some new photographs (with close-ups) on Monday as we are expecting the final sample in (the photographs you’ve seen are only about 95% accurate). The pictures up on the site were renderings of the product that did not show some details from the manufacturing process. The process of laser etching does leave some insignificant marking – only visible from certain angles, and not particularly prominent at that scale.

  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to see if there was an update on the photographs. The logo as well as the metals look pretty different from the images posted on the site initially. I’d love to place my order but just want to see the fully up to date picture first.

    Thanks, awesome product!


      • Thank you for the update! This appears similar to the brushed metal shown on the original post. Is there also going to be the shinier metal or is this going to be all of them?

      • There will be a polished version (one of the earlier production samples is pictured above).

        I will be posting more images of the polished edition as soon as we have a newer sample in.

  3. Any timeline on the pics of the polished slim? Can’t decide by the renderings the one pic you have make it look less super glossy which I like.

  4. Is it possible to be bumped up on the shipping schedule for some extra $$? I am moving soon and will most likely not be in the same residence for my expected ship date.

    • Sorry Eric – we have a lot of people waiting on orders and simply cannot make exceptions on shipping.

      However, you are welcome to e-mail us your new address and we’ll make sure the shipping info on your order is updated!

  5. In your experience with the polished version, do they scratch up very easily? I like the polished over the brushed, but am worried about my keys or change scratching the metal up.

    • Both versions are susceptible to some amount of scratching if you throw ’em in your pocket with keys or change. Having a smooth/high gloss surface, any smudges/scratches/imperfections are likely to show up more on the Polished edition – it does require a bit more care. If its a genuine concern for you, I would definitely recommend the Brushed edition.

  6. I hope I receive mine by the second week of May (10000022**). Planning to go to Hawaii with just the Slim and my iPhone in my pocket 🙂

    • That sounds like a great way to travel! Shipments to the US typically take 5-7 business days – we will try our best to get it to you in time : )

    • Yes, as estimated Batch 3 began shipping on April 16th – we have currently reached a more stable production rate and expect to be maintaining the current schedule as closely as possible. We were unable to locate your order with the email address (susumorci at gmail dot com) but if you provide us with your order ID, we can verify that it has shipped!

  7. still deciding on which flavor to pick. I’ve already ordered but need to make up my mind.
    Does the polished Slim have a different feel from the brushed Slim? I’m thinking that the polished Slim has a more “sticky” feel to it especially when your hands are moist/wet?.

    • The Brushed edition of the Slim has more of a textured feel to it, but aside from that both versions are quite smooth – we haven’t noticed any “stickiness” due to moisture.

    • The shipping method you selected does not offer tracking information, but shipping to the US typically takes just 6 business days – you should be receiving your Slim shortly!

    • Batch 5 has begun shipping, and will be through the week. I have looked up your order, and the shipping method you selected does not offer any tracking information. However, orders to the US typically take about 6-8 business days – you should have your Slims soon!

    • Thanks for following up. Your order shipped on Monday, April 23rd. There is no tracking information associated with the shipping method you selected (Small Packets Air), but shipping internationally typically takes 10-12 business days. These ship estimates are provided to us by Canada Post, and can take a little longer on occasion. In any case, you should have your Slim shortly!

  8. Unfortunately, the slim actually blocks my ability to use my key card to get in my building. What is the policy on returns for this specific item?

    Very cool product. Still might end up keeping it, but just want to see.

    • Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. We’re happy to offer a full refund, so long as you cover the cost of shipping it back to us. Our shipping address is:

      176 John Street, Suite 408
      Toronto, Ontario
      M5T 1X5

      As soon as we receive your product, we will issue a your refund via Paypal.

  9. Hi, wanted to check on the status of my order. Pretty sure I ordered the polished (otherwise mine should have shipped already). Thanks.

    • Hi Alex, you’re right – there was a delay with shipping out your order due to the issues we faced getting the Polished edition made. I have looked it up on our system and see that your order is scheduled to ship out this week – you should have your Slim soon!

  10. Hello out there! Anyone there!
    Maybe third time is the charm. I’ve tried to contact you two other times to see the status of my slim. Both previous times the comments were deleted and not responded to. I ordered my Slim on March 7th, its May 22nd. You think the least you could do is let me know if it even on its way or not made yet or whatever it is, it is really frustrating… My order number ends in 1982 and I believe it was a polished edition.

    • Sorry for the apparent lack of communication! We have e-mailed you regarding your order – it is possible it got re-directed to you spam folder.

      In any case, we’re happy to say your order shipped on Thursday, May 17th. The shipping method you selected doesn’t offer tracking, but the order should arrive in the next 3-5 business days.

  11. Please let me know when my order shipped. Order ending in 2058, batch 6. It should have shipped already.
    Thank you

    • Hi Angela,

      Unfortunately your order failed to meet our Quality Assurance standards and did not ship out with Batch 6, but I am happy to say it has now been processed and is expected to ship out later today. There is no tracking information associated with the shipping method you selected (Small Packets Air), but shipping to the US typically takes 6-8 business days. You should have your Slim shortly!

  12. Hi, I wanted to check on the status of my order. I am going to be out of town the next week or so and wanted to see if mine shipped so I could ask my neighbor to keep an eye out for a package at my door. My invoice id number was 2354. Thanks

    • We have begun shipping Batch 7 and expect your order should be shipping out in the next couple of days. There is no tracking information associated with the shipping method you selected (Small Packets Air), but shipping to the US typically takes 6-8 business days.

    • Your order shipped yesterday (May 24th). There is no tracking information associated with the shipping method you selected (Small Packets Air), but shipping to the US typically takes 6-8 business days.

    • Your order for a Polished Slim shipped on Thursday, May 17th. There is no tracking information associated with the shipping method you selected (Small Packets Air), but international shipping typically takes 10-12 business days.

  13. I had my Slim for over a month now. I love it! Once you get used to putting cash in, its great. And im currently carrying 4 cards without any problems. It does block RFID which is great for me. The only thing it doesnt work well with is business cards, but doesn’t bother me a whole lot. Thanks again for making such a awesome product. Also I got mine engraved and it looks great.

    • Sweet. Nice to hear it works. I’m in batch 7 so still waiting on mines. You said it holds 4 cards which is exactly how many I plan to use. Considering how the sides of the slim are open, do the cards ever fall out or the money? Have you gotten any comments on it?
      I’m waaay too excited for this. I’m always checking the mail. This will be my permanent wallet if all goes well.

    • Patrick an comments on cards or money falling out? Or the weight in your pocket. Your post is the most informative I have seen so far. Also what did you mean once you get used to putting cash in it?

      • Hey sorry it took so long to get back. You probably have yours now but, no cards never fall out and now im probably carrying more like 7 cards. I stopped worrying about which sides they are on. And money would almost never come. After 5 month with it i can say I will be carrying it for a long time. People all over the place comment on how cool it is. And i only looks better with time. the putting cash it it thing is like any wallet. You have to get used to slidding it in the top of the M. Then pulling it down then over, to get it to fit snug. Youll see that i mean when you get yours. Also after a couple month the tension has loosed int he center just enough to make it easy. Overall i am very happy with the weight in my pocket too. Im a front pocket guy so it works great for me.

  14. How does the polished version hold up to scratches in comparison to the brushed version? Thinking about ordering one but can’t decide which one to go with.

    • As mentioned in an earlier comment, both versions are susceptible to some amount of scratching if you throw ‘em in your pocket with keys or change. Having a smooth/high gloss surface, any smudges/scratches/imperfections are likely to show up more on the Polished edition – it does require a bit more care. If its a genuine concern for you, I would definitely recommend the Brushed edition.

    • All the Slims that we have shipped thus far have been from a local supplier, but we have now switched over to an overseas manufacturer that will be filling out future orders.

  15. I am looking at ordering the brushed version. I think this is super cool. I saw a post asking if there are any issues with card falling out since there are no sides or spring/clamps. Any infor would be appreciated.

    • Thanks for your interest in the Slim.

      The Slim is made from stainless spring steel and has a natural tension to it. Additionally, there was a lot of testing done to ensure that the level of tension was just right (kept things from falling out, but still easy enough to pry open when needed). There haven’t been any known issues of cards falling out from it so far.

      • Do you guys have any videos posted showing cards and money being put in and taken out?

      • We don’t have any video of the product in use just now, but are looking to have some additional media available shortly – will keep you posted.

    • We don’t have any more photographs of the Polished Slim available just now, but are looking to have some additional media available shortly – is there anything in particular you wanted to see on the product?

      • I am contemplating on which edition to buy. The photographs that show off the finish of the polished slim are not very clear.

  16. I’d be very careful about the scratches. I’ve taken very good care of my Slim and carried it around without anything else in my pockets and somehow it’s managed to pick up huge scratches. It was the brushed version so I can only imagine how much worse the polished version is. I’ve inquired about returns a while ago and was politely declined with a 40% discount on the next purchase. Buyers be aware!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Scratches are a common concern with Stainless Steel products – we do recommend that people are careful not to place their Slims in the same pocket as their keys (for example) and highly recommend the Brushed edition for those looking to use it on a daily basis. As for the return policy laid out by Human Republic, we believe it is a fair offering – any defective/damaged products that are shipped out are eligible for a free refund/exchange but buyers are accountable for products damaged through their own wear & tear.

  17. For anyone asking about the Scratches. Once you get scratches all over it. It looks great, like any stainless steel products you carry would. I can also say that it plays nice in my pocket even with my 5.5 inch phone screen. I got mine engraved at things remembered, and even that looks great all beat up. The only recommendation i would ever make for the product is possibly a rounding of inner card holding corners. They can scratch up a card pretty well until you use it a lot and wear down the edge. But it did scratch off the magnetic strip on one debit card. No big deal. Overall I can say this is the best slim pocket wallet ive ever had and I was even thinking about ordering another, just i case. Slash these will make great xmas gifts.

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