Discussion | The Rise of the Info-Object

Unless you live under a rock (or have absolutely no interest in the subject), most of you will have realized that infographics have grown into a popular & powerful communication tool over the past few years. There are even websites dedicated solely to the art of infographics – my personal favorite being Information is Beautiful (also a book by David Mcandless).

It is no wonder then, that information rich graphics would bleed over into the world of physical objects. Some objects take a more literal approach (graphic treatment on surfaces) while others render functional, 3 dimensional applications rich with information. We propose that both these fall under the umbrella of Info-Objects. We have a couple of great examples of Info-Objects within the current ideacious product offering, with still more coming through the pipelines.

First up is the “I Kinda Like It Here” coaster series by the National Design Collective. Using laser cut birch plywood, these coasters offer intricate details of the planning of some of the urban metropolises in Canada & the US.

The second example comes in the form of a coat rack / shelf designed by Devin Schaffner, the Elev10. While also celebrating geographic identities, the Elev10 takes a slightly different approach to theNDC’s coasters in that it draws on the location of the Canadian provincial capitals to offer a very functional application – placing your articles according to elevation.

The third (and final) example offers a whole other take on the Info-Object that pays tribute to the background of an object and applies it in a fun & interesting way – the History Screws by Joshua Brassé. Each History Screw gives you its name, date of invention, standard sizes – and a place to hang your coat!

This is, after all, part of our Discussion series of blog posts – let us know your thoughts on the rise of Info-Objects and any other examples you think fit the criteria.


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