Slim just got huge!

2012 is off to a great start at ideacious. The recently posted Slim by Toronto-based firm Human Republic has been flying off the proverbial shelf in spectacular fashion. Human Republic made a point of sending Slim to a several key sites and blogs, and by 5ish on Friday February 3rd it hit the front page of Uncrate, “the digital magazine for guys who love stuff”. The result? Slim sold its 100 preorders in under 2 hours! And with further features on NOTCOTGizmodoTrend Hunter, and more, it just keeps going. Traffic and orders have been though the roof. Just yesterday Slim hit 1,000 orders with sales overflowing into a few other products as Slim buyers peruse the site.
Wait, what’s Slim?
If you haven’t seen it Slim is money clip to help you travel light, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and easy on the eyes. The outer two slots fit two cards each while the inner slot secures your cash. Being as bad-ass, easy to ship, and perfectly priced as it is, Slim was sure to sell, but the speed and enthusiasm world-wide has been just awesome.
Did you get a preorder?
Let’s hope, cause this is where the ideacious platform really rocks. Each of the 100 early buyers has already started to earn revenue on the 900+ sales that followed the preorder goal. In less than a week Slim has turned into a success story for not only to Human Republic and ideacious, but all the early buyers as well. Thanks for your incredible support, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Slim just got huge!

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