Event | CO_LAB Session TO DO Edition

As part of this year’s TO Design Offsite, ideacious will be hosting a special edition of our CO_LAB product development sessions. Our John Street studio will be the locale where attendees will get to participate in the creation of a mass collaboration – a product to be launched on ideacious. There will also be room to propose product ideas of your own, and have the crowd influence.

Every participant gets to throw their comments, feedback, or insights up onto our Wall o’ Post-Its for any of the product ideas/categories, and we’ll take at least one of the products forward and launch it on our site! Equity-sharing on the product will be based on the level and quality of participation, as well as the number of Post-Its you get up on the Wall!

To reiterate—you get to spend an evening collaborating with fellow creatives on a project that could well go into production and earn you a cut!  We will also be exhibiting a number of products that we currently have available on the ideacious website, as well as prototypes of products that are in preorder and waiting to hit critical mass. Drinks, apps, games, and music (par for the course at the ideacious studio) will be provided!
When: Saturday, 28th January, 2012
7pm – 11pm
Where: 176 John Street, Suite 408, Toronto ON M5T 1X5
Be sure to check out the TO Design Offsite website for other event listings, as well as the handy iPhone App by created by Mike Spears. Last, but not the least, a big up to Trevor Embury from aftermodern.lab for his great work on the event map / brochure (pictured above).

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