Competition | $20,000 FREEform

Announcing FREEform
In the spirit of supporting design innovation and creativity, ideacious is excited to announce that the $20,000 FREEform Competition is now live!

What FREEform is all about
FREEform gives you the freedom to design any form for production. Anything you want. No clients. No outside opinions. All submissions could have their product produced using the ideacious platform, but only a select few will win cash, prizes, and glory along the way.

Win cash + prizes
Submit a sketch, finished design, or reach a preorder goal and win cash and prizes along the way. Dollar amounts and other incentives could increase as we hunt down co-sponsors. The competition is broken down into 3 tiers, so more people can win—or someone could take it all. Plus, all submissions will be posted on ideacious and could get produced. So grab your pencils and get to work.

Tier 1 is open now
Tier 1 begins as most ideas do, with a napkin sketch. Be sure to see the brief for details, but in short, come up with an awesome product that retails for $99 or more and send us a short description and a sketch. Any submissions sent before February 1st will be entered in a draw to win ideacious swag, including Penny Hockey SetsForeword shelves,Magpins4 Cities Coasters, and more.


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