Product Profile | Magpin by Shen Howe-Lee for Ogami Design

The latest addition to the ideacious product line-up, Ogami Design‘s Magpin is a great little idea that we helped creator Shen Howe-Lee realize.

The Magpin is designed to eliminate the need to poke holes through photographs and similar things that you would pin up on a wall or corkboard.

Sold in sets of 6, for just $6, Magpins are an undeniable improvement on the average push pin that utilizes a magnet and a metal cap to facilitate mounting stuff on surfaces. The magnets are even strong enough to hold up keys, pens, coins, etc.

Material: Stainless Steel
Pin Dimensions: L11 x W10 x D10 mm
Packaged Dimensions:  L90 x W15 x D17 mm

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