Sneak Peek | Quick Perch By Joshua Brassé

Apologies for the lack of blog posts in the past week, things have been quite hectic around ideacious with all the recent buzz going around. There’s plenty of new and exciting projects coming through the pipelines at the moment, and we’ll be offering sneak peeks at a couple of them this week.

To start off with, here’s the latest from ideacious CEO / founder Joshua Brassé – the Quick Perch. If you’re an avid cyclist as most of us here are, I’m sure there have been occasions where you’d have liked to put that detached bike seat to some use—and that’s where the Quick Perch comes in.

Accepting all standard seat posts, the Quick Perch is a great spot seating solution for situations where you need a little support, be it at a quick catch-up meeting at the office, while you’re doing your dishes at home or rocking a standing workstation.

The Quick Perch will be available in preorder on ideacious soon, so stay tuned for a full product profile to go with it!


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