Product Profile | React Bag by Jason Luk

As promised, here’s the full product profile on the React Bag, now up for preorder on ideacious.

React consists of a main bag 30” long and a secondary bag 20” long, both with a 6” diameter.

This makes it a full size bag that’s a tricky target to hit, while allowing the full range of strikes in every martial art—every punch, kick, knee, elbow and head strike you can throw at it.

Good technique comes from a good foundation, and the React Bag is the first martial arts bag that responds to you, allowing you to practice footwork and precision. See it before you feel it.

With 2 preorders sold and 48 to go, you can hold your spot in line for the React Bag for a transferable $5 and earn as much $813 per 1000 units sold!

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