Product Profile | 1_STN Screen Printer by Joshua Brassé

The 1_STN Screen Printer by Joshua Brassé is a manual screen printing machine that offers a perfect, cost-effective way for anyone to create t-shirts, decals, bags, pillowcases, posters, boxes and more!

It features a full-sized t-shirt platen that can be easily swapped for a sleeve / hat printboard that cleverly tucks away when not in use.

The 1_STN ships with all the required hardware, including 2 durable / rust resistant cast aluminum Speedball Hinge Clamps. These offer wide-wing thumbscrews for firm fastening and positive locking for perfect registration.

The body of the 1_STN is built from 3/4″ melamine laminated particle board. Its simple construction and flat-packing capability facilitates the low price point (just $95!). Custom screen prints are now that much more accessible to the home DIY market – and I’m sure a ton of you designers out there would love to get your hands on one of these!

The 1_STN Screen Printer is now available in preorder on ideacious, with $5 saving your spot in line. Only 33 preorders required to send this baby into production!

Edit: Please note that the screen is NOT included with the 1_STN Screen Printer, but the included Speedball Hinge Clamps accept all standard screens.

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3 thoughts on “Product Profile | 1_STN Screen Printer by Joshua Brassé

  1. This peice of equipment would definatley work for printing but I wonder how it compares to the you du print press. I do like the mesh screen and would be cusrious to see how the print quality compares to a wooden 300 count mesh screen.

    • Hey Casey. Thanks for your comment!
      The screen and frame are not included (we’re updating the post).
      I owned and operated a screen printing company (years back), and hacked together a few single presses to leave the carousel printers available for multi-colours. I’ve just got back into printing now for our promo tees and shipping boxes, and came up with this design – I figured if I could use it, so could others. The design, manufacturing process, and materials makes it really affordable (I was shopping around before I decided to design a new one).
      Glad you like it!


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