Team ideacious | How to Rock a Killer Hand Shake

I’ve been meeting quite a few new people these days, and I’ve found first impressions are always important – especially a solid hand shake. Here’s a little refresher on how to rock a killer first hand shake.

1) Don’t get excited – it’s awesome that you’re meeting your hero, but if you thrust your hand in and end up caressing his forearm the conversation will be short.

2) On the other hand, don’t be timid either. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a finger shake. Give the person time to get a solid web lock. Note: If you’re a finger shaker, shame on you!

3) The perfect combination of the right amount of assertiveness, and patience, should do the trick. Don’t close that grip till your thumb webs have a solid connection.

4) Last, but not the least (and for fairly obvious reasons) – this isn’t a strong man competition, you’re not trying to show all the boys and girls at the gym how much damage you forearms can do.


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