Update | Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

For those of you who need a refresher–Timber is an award winning table that has been exhibited in Zona Tortona during Milan Design Week 2010 and during the 2010 London Design Festival. Constructed from just 10 pieces of FSC certified wood, and using no screws, nails or glue, Timber is a lesson in restrained elegance.

Julian’s table was recently featured on design blog swissmiss, and has since shot up to 15 preorders on ideacious. With only 35 left to go, we thought it might be good time to offer you guys an in-depth look at how the idea-to-market process at ideacious works.

Each person who preordered the Timber Table will earn a percentage of revenue from future sales, with the 1st preorder earning the largest amount, and subsequent buyers earning decreasing amounts. To throw some numbers at you (and put things in perspective)–the 1st preorder on Timber earned $2,842 per 1000 units sold, while the 16th (which is currently available) offers $2,501 per 1000 units sold. Early buyers continue to earn this cut for the first 10 years the product is on the market, with continued revenue sharing left to the creator’s discretion.

The money early buyers pay for preorders goes towards funding the first production run, and part of the second. Upon completion of that first run, profits from sales are shared primarily between the creator and early buyers, with ideacious earning a small percentage. The incentives mean that all parties involved share a common cause to promote the product and make sure as many people hear about it as possible.

On a side note, Julian had this to say about working with us:

“When I started to work with ideacious, I had no idea what the outcome would be. All I knew at that point was that I liked that fresh and energetic attitude that I was met with in all correspondence, and that I had never seen this new and interesting concept anywhere before.

I have not been disappointed. The way these guys work is professional and in sharp contrast to many of the more established companies, where you’d be lucky if they even answered your e-mails. I have a feeling of being part of something with a great future and I hope to continue being so.”

You can preorder the Timber Table on ideacious, with just $5 saving your spot in the preorder queue.

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ideacious enables the product ideas of designers and non-designers alike The process of getting an idea to market has always been long, expensive, uncertain, and intimidating. ideacious aims to solve these issues by bringing together creators, buyers, and service-providers within one low-risk, rewarding community.

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