Product Profile | Mixtape by Ian Vandenberg Design

A unique, nostalgic set of cuff links, Mixtape is part of a new collection by Toronto-based studio Ian Vandenberg Design.

Those of you from the era of mix tapes will appreciate what a great gift these cuff links would make – not to say you couldn’t just get yourself a pair and kick it old school (in a sense)!

Made with a stainless digital print. Size: 1” X 5/8” X 3/16”. Mixtape cuff links are available now on ideacious.

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ideacious enables the product ideas of designers and non-designers alike The process of getting an idea to market has always been long, expensive, uncertain, and intimidating. ideacious aims to solve these issues by bringing together creators, buyers, and service-providers within one low-risk, rewarding community.

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