CO_LAB Sessions | A Small, Self-Watering Pot

Self-watering pots contain a water reservoir, which allows users to water less often. The concept proposed here is intended to grow seedlings before they’re transplanted, and small bunches of herbs without using a space-consuming large self-watering pot, or smaller pots that require frequent watering.

Self-watering Herb Pot by Eva Solo

Apartment Therapy posted a fairly comprehensive line-up of the best self-watering solutions currently available. There is clearly room for improvement, as the vast majority of smaller systems still require a 2-container setup and are heavy and/or expensive. The system shown in the video can be simple and affordable, and even have a do-it-yourself version (a kit) for kindergarden teachers etc.

The small, self-watering pot will be the subject of our next set of CO_LAB Sessions – so if this is something that interests you, feel free to contact us and join in as a co-creator on the project! For those of you that need a refresher on the CO_LAB Sessions, see our previous introductory post.

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