Product Profile | Timber Table by Julian Kyhl

Its been a week since we offered you a sneak peak at the Timber Table – now you can feast your eyes on all the juicy details! This award winning table has been exhibited in Zona Tortona during Milan Design Week 2010 and during London Design Festival 2010.

Constructed from just 10 pieces of FSC certified wood, and using no screws, nails or glue, Timber is a lesson in restrained elegance. Smart design and precision carpentry mean that each piece slots together perfectly.

Disassembly just takes minutes and Timber packs down to a highly transportable package (you might remember this video from our previous blog post).

The Timber Table is the result of designer Julian Kyhl spending a week in his workshop visualizing parts, drawing on pieces of wood, and finally cutting them up. Practically devoid of concept sketching or CAD, the table is a testament to the power of hands-on design exploration.

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