Product Profile | M3 + M4 ring by the National Design Collective

Exploring new territory in the realm of jewelry design, the M3 + M4 ring by the National Design Collective elevates the utility screw to the status of diamond.

In an attempt to redefine what constitutes a “luxury” item, the M3 + M4 ring demands a definition based on utility merit, and not scarcity. Designed and made in Toronto, the rings are sterling silver, hand-polished to a mirror finish, and feature a detachable M3 or an M4 stainless steel hex-screw.

theNDC has also done a great job with the packaging for the rings, which come in a reusable wooden box made exclusively from offcuts from their shop (currently oak, but varying based on what fills the bins). The outer sleeve is made from a stock that is FSC certified, 100% post-consumer material and processed chlorine free.

The M3 + M4 are available in ladies’ size 7, and men’s sizes 8.5, 10 and 11.5. For a peek behind the scenes at the fabrication of the M3 + M4, you can check out theNDC’s blog post.


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