Tool Competition | Results

After a month of hard work we’re proud to announce that the “What kind of tool are you?” design competition has been a success. Over the course of the past few weeks we have received a selection of promising designs from a diverse group of creators, and after a week of public voting and deliberation, Team ideacious has made their decisions.

We’d like to thank everybody that submitted a design in this competition by awarding a free submission to the ideacious process to make their ideas a reality. Stay tuned to the ideacious blog for more competitions and creator profiles of the winning designers.


With an interesting mix of functionality and versatility, the Butterfly Storage Fence designed by Ryan O’Connor and Jonathan Goldstein has been awarded the $500 First Prize. Acting as both a privacy fence and storage unit, the Butterfly Storage Fence features a modular construction allowing the unit to be integrated into new or existing fences. With multiple units working together to form an attractive facade, the Butterfly Storage Fence also features integrated lighting and electrical hook-up. Ryan O’Connor and Jonathan Goldstein have also been awarded a free submission to the ideacious process to make products like the Butterfly Storage Fence a reality.


Winning both the $200 Popular Vote Award and our jury’s $300 Second Prize, the SHADOW Shakers by Mingus New offer a clever twist on two everyday objects. The slip-cast ceramic SHADOW shakers fit snugly together – like an object and its shadow. Featuring rubber stoppers for easy refill and cleaning, the SHADOW shakers offer salt and pepper the unity they deserve. In addition to winning Second Prize, designer Mingus New has been awarded a free submission to the ideacious process and will be working to make the SHADOW shakers a reality.

Once again, we’d like to thank all that participated in the “What kind of tool are you?” design competition. Be sure to stay tuned to the ideacious blog, there’s alot more where this came from.


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