Testimonial | Tristan Zimmerman

Inventors of the triple entendre

Earlier this spring, ideacious caught up with designer Tristan Zimmermann of Science+Sons to discuss his experience in product design and the role that the ideacious process has taken in his business.

Q | You have been working as an industrial designer for a few years now, and presumably you were working through the traditional channels to get your product to market. What challenges have you faced bringing your products to market in the past?

 A | Typically designers are required to adopt an entrepreneurial role in launching their products. For people like me (mildly grotesque looking and socially incompetent) the quest for seed money and the intimidating rituals of networking can prove to be a real challenge. Launching a product requires a lot of inertia and tireless effort to build bridges in sourcing equity, suppliers and distribution channels; in fact, I’ve found the undertaking so dreadful that I’m convinced that launching a product is the perfect way to end up hating what you do (design).

 Q | How has your experience with the ideacious process changed your process as a designer?

 A | The ideacious process will empower designers to do what they do best, design. With ideacious, you’ll only have yourself or other investors to blame for why something sucks or is really ugly – taste will not be governed by the decisions of a few powerful major retailers but rather by the crowd.

 Q | What effect do you think crowd sourcing will have on the products of tomorrow?

A | Crowd sourcing for consumer goods has the power revolutionize the traditional retail landscape. People (investor/consumers) will effectively be able to steer the progression of consumer goods. It will change a lot of things but it won’t do anything to the music industry, that’s already almost dead.

Q | Have you found it easy to communicate with the people behind ideacious during your design process?

 A | I’ve known Josh since school, he’s a great guy, and really easy and wonderful to work with. He’s put up with a lot of crap from me, but who knows what kind of jerk he might become once he’s super wealthy from ideacious.

Q | So you’ve felt confident throughout the ideacious process?

 A | Honestly, it STILL sounds too good to be true.

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ideacious enables the product ideas of designers and non-designers alike The process of getting an idea to market has always been long, expensive, uncertain, and intimidating. ideacious aims to solve these issues by bringing together creators, buyers, and service-providers within one low-risk, rewarding community.

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