ideacious Award Winner | Alexei Mikhailov

Trakrok by Alexei Mikhailov

The creator of the versatile Trakrok, Alexei Mikhailov was awarded the 2011 ideacious Award at the recent Rocket Show in Toronto. Chosen for the excellent branding, design and concept behind the Trakrok, Mikhailov displayed a clear understanding of the value of his ideas, and represents the evolving Industrial Design profession towards proactive innovation.

The Trakrok all-terrain trike concept features an independent track system similar to that of a snowmobile, with high powered electric motors that propel segmented rubber track plates. Powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, with an anodized aluminum exoskelton, the Trakrok was designed to offer maximum versatility and performance in any condition.

Follow Alexei through twitter @AMVDesignStudio and visit his site at

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