Event | 2011 ACIDO Rocket Show

2011 Rocket Show

We’re pleased to announce that ideacious will be sponsoring the 2011 Rocket Show. This weekend, ideacious will be giving away 5 ideacious select prizes along with the $500 ideacious Award.

 The ideacious Select prizes will be given to designers that show passion in both their work and perspective, embodying a willingness to continue to learn and experiment and possess a readiness to define their own future. These few talented designers will each receive a free product submission to ideacious; a chance to turn their products into a retail success and make their impression on the design world.

 In addition to the ideacious Select prizes, the ideacious Award recognizes the exemplary achievement of one designer who through their 4+ years of study have learnt to embrace a clear understanding of the value of their ideas, and represent the evolving Industrial Design profession – from reactive to proactive.

 Join the fresh graduates of OCADU, Carleton University and Humber College along with the ideacious team this weekend to see the newest creations in Industrial Design.

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About ideacious

ideacious enables the product ideas of designers and non-designers alike The process of getting an idea to market has always been long, expensive, uncertain, and intimidating. ideacious aims to solve these issues by bringing together creators, buyers, and service-providers within one low-risk, rewarding community.

4 thoughts on “Event | 2011 ACIDO Rocket Show

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